Site Council

  • The Site Council is designed to bring parents, staff and community together in a forum to review the school’s vision and purpose.  It is not intended to be a policy making body or pre-empt the District Governing Board in their legal function. 


    The Council consists of:  Jennifer Silva, Darien Schoolcraft, Dawn Kennedy, Renee Crawford, Andrea Kupec, Mary Kilber, Margaret Cheche, Charlene Ezop and Janine Pascua.


    The council functions are to promote parent and guardian involvement, discuss District policies and curriculum and make recommendations for school improvement, review student performance in terms of state, district and school goals and make recommendations for improvement and to consider strategies to strengthen school and community relationships – to name just a few. 


    The Council meets six times a year.  The 2016 – 2017 school year meeting dates are:

    • September 21
    • October 27
    • December 07
    • February 01
    • March 15
    • April 19


    Meetings are held in the Conference Room @ 3:15 p.m.  Anyone and everyone interested is welcome to attend.