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  •  The Sunflower units are broken up by grade level in sub genres but usually remain on the same topic.



      - Preschool - Back to school (Government)

      - Elementary - This is my school (Government)

      - Intermediate - We have leaders (Government)

      - Middle School - Our Leaders, Our World (Government)

      - High School -  Leaders in our lives (Government)

      - Transition - Understanding Laws and Rights (Personal Living)



      - Preschool - All About Me (Learning about self/ Life Science)

      - Elementary - Animals in their homes (Life Science)

      - Intermediate - Living in an Ecosystem (Life Science

      - Middle School - What is an Ecosystem? (Life Science)

      - High School -  Knowing our Ecosystem (Life Science)

      - Transition - Nutrition: A healthy me (Daily Living)

Josh and Mrs. Balentine