What is Mediation?


    mediation is a process by which two trained mediators work with two respondents who are in conflict with one another. The mediators work to help those students in conflict come to a fair resolution on how they will deal with the problem at hand. 




    Facts about mediation:

    • Everything said is confidential and will not be discussed outside of mediation except if it’s illegal or someone is threatening to harm self or others.
    • Both students will have an equal part and will both be heard
    • The solution will be balanced and not one sided
    • A solution must be found that both parties are satisfied with
    • Sometimes offered as a resolution in place of discipline referrals


    How can I be a part of mediation?

    If you are having problems with another student ask a teacher or come to the guidance office and ask about mediation. We have a quick form for you to complete that gives us brief details about who you are requesting a mediation with and what the issue concerns.


    Our staff and student's can complete a Form online to request a mediation here: 

    Online Peer Mediation Recommendation Form


    Paper Document: Peer Mediation Recommendation Form


    Complete the form and result to the Guidance Office. 

     talk listen resolve

    Can mediation fix my problem?

    If both students cooperate then yes, we will help find a solution that is fair and balanced and a solution that both parties are happy with.  Often mediators will check back in within a 1-2 week period to make sure that both parties were able to adhere to their agreement.


    The peer counselors are here to help you and are willing to listen to the problem and help come up with a solution!