What are 2-on-1's?

  • 2-on-1’s are used to help a single student that is having a conflict, issue that may or may not involve another student. It is a technique where two peer counselors and one student meet to discuss the problem at hand and help the student problem solve or come up with ways to address the issue! This process allows for the use of active listening skills, self-discovery, and it's important to know that peer counselors are not "advice givers" but rather they work to help the student think of things they could do or try.  We are here for support!


    WHY DO 2-ON-1’S?

    What’s different is, 2-on-1’s are with peer counselors, and everything that is said is confidential and will not be discussed outside of that 2-on-1 session. This gives the student the opportunity to speak with someone who really understands their situation and can relate. 

    • Come in anytime you need a 2-on-1 session during the school day
    • Discuss how to schedule a 2-on-1 with Mrs. Holbrook or your School Counselor
    • Everything that is said is confidential (outside of illegal activity, self-harm or harm to others)
    • Peer counselors are ready and willing to help anytime you need it




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