• Each semester, each pair of Peer Counselors serve in the guidance office, and during their service they must create a "Significant Project." These specific projects are ones that aim to help the Peer Counseling Program and make a significant contribution to the Guidance Office, the school and/or the community that we serve. Below are some of the significant projects that were created by peer counselors:


    18 Weeks of Achievement - This project was designed to support our mentoring program in developing achievable goals that can be tracked throughout a semester. Attached is the student presentation to our staff on the their development of the processes: 18 Weeks of Achievement Presentation. As well as the Step by Step process and 18 Weeks of Achievement Cards  (Fall 2018)


    We also in had a group of 2 travel to an elementary school and discuss how to Get Involved! Here is their presentation they guided students through along with two hands on activities. Thank you to Paseo Verde Elementary and Mrs. Russell for helping us present to your 8th graders! (Fall 2018)



    Coyote Kindness Coin – These ceramic coyote coins were created in partnership with our Ceramics club and teacher Ms. Roy. The coins are given by teachers and staff to students who show exceptional kindness. “Kindness is anything that lifts another person. It is more than a good deed – it’s an attitude, an expression, a look or even a touch. You are receiving this Coyote Coin because you’ve shown kindness in an extraordinary way. Keep this coin as a reminder of the importance of kindness in your own life, or pass it on to another.” (Coming Spring 2019) 


    Coyote Kindness Coin

    Blessings – “I Know”/Uno Game - JoJo and Noemi created a fun game inspired by the game Uno. The game serves as a “get to know you” whereby the cards deal with questions and opportunities to share about one self. The color cards relate to what make you happy, what you find fun/funny, regarding Love and also the “wishes” you have in your life/world. Our Peer Counselors will use this game in mentoring, and in small group situations as an ice breaker. (Spring 2018)



    Coyote Tracks – This semester long project was aimed at promoting different classes on our campus. Check out the videos, which are a companion to another project called Coyote Pathfinders (see below). Thank you to Mr. Budoff for your support and for the teachers who stepped up with a willingness to participate! Visit our Centennial Counselor Youtube page to view @ (Spring 2018)


    Peer 2 Peer Podcast - Two senior peer counselors came up with the idea to create a unique podcast where they could discuss real-world relevant topics with their peers. The podcasts are posted to YouTube for ease of access and can be found here: A total of 8 podcasts were created throughout the semester. (Fall 2017)


    Coyote Pup Pals - The lost art of "pen pals" came to be with the support of our freshman English teachers Mrs. Enos and Mrs. Reischmann. They worked to connec their 9th graders to 3 of our feeder school ELA teachers and began with writing letters to our future coyotes. Our peer counselor remembered all the questions and concerns had prior to promoting to high school and thought how wonderful it would be to have a chance to connect with another student to ease her fears. Over 200 students in 9th and 200 at the 8th grade level participated in this exchange. (Fall 2017)


    Coyote Pathfinders – Our peer counselors created a communication document for new and current students to better understand what they will learn and gain from both a teacher and student standpoint. Students may often choose an elective based on factors like name recognition without little awareness of what they will learn or gain while in a course. This project aims to help students better understand the courses and choose those which will provide them a more meaningful experience. (Fall 2016)


    What Does it Mean to Be a Coyote? – To help our new students understand what our community is about – a group of 3 created a video that explains the meaning and created a supplemental brochure of quotes behind it. Many of the school’s staff were interviewed on this topic and gave their ideas of what being a coyote means to them. Students also participated by sharing helpful tips for getting involved and showing #coyotepride. (Fall 2016)




    College Prep Workshop – A senior and sophomore prepared a workshop aimed at students at different stages in looking at colleges and the processes that go along with it. They created a workshop that was attended by 80 students during their lunch time or who were given permission by teachers to attend. They discussed what they learned and offered a helpful brochure titled: Organize My (College) Life. (Fall 2016)


    Coyote Survivor: The Amazing Race through High School – This is a Moodle online engagement opportunity for current 8th graders from feeder schools to learn ways to be ready for high school and to start out on the right foot. Students must enroll in the course to complete it and is designed to be completed within a 2 week period. Everything from the culture of Centennial to where to find supports on campus when they arrive, how to study in high school and take notes, and making the best choices are included in the course content. (Spring 2016)


    Ambassador Tour Update – Peer Counselors are in charge of giving newly enrolled students tours of the school to make them feel welcome. Before the update, the tour was a bit awkward and seemed a bit unwelcoming. The update allows the tour to be productive and not silent with new guidelines and even a video to give a walk through the process. Students can feel welcomed by getting to know a peer even if they are the quietest of the bunch. (Spring 2015)


    Self Help Bookmarks – At this time of their lives, students are hitting certain bumps along the road. They may be feeling a lack of motivation or confidence. They may be experiencing a type of stress or having trouble with anxiety and depression. Our peer counselors created these self-help bookmarks to assist those students with any problems they are facing. (Spring 2015)


    “Welcome to Centennial” extended brochure – Included in this brochure is information on the inner workings of the campus and community. There is meaningful information for incoming students about the school. (Fall 2015)


    Effective Communication Strategies – About 15 freshman English classes learn about communication styles/strategies through a survey which gathers information that is then shared in a news article for the Arizona School Counselor Association newsletter. (Fall 2014)


    Community Agency Resources – Project consists of contacting over 100+ organizations and providing accurate information on the agency’s goals/tasks, phone number and addresses, that is then shared with administrators, counselors, and nurses across the district. (Fall 2014)


    Community Service Process – Our peer counselors updated this process by editing the existing document, adding items to clarify the process, contacting all listed community service places provided and ensuring they were a good fit for our student volunteers. In addition, this update provided accurate addresses, phone number, websites, emails, age limits, etc. Peer counselors made sure that many would follow the correct procedure and expectations all shown on a presentation and a podcast video.  If interested in volunteer service for high school credit, see Mrs. Thiele or a school counselor in the Guidance Office. (Fall 2014)