Peer Counselors Are Mentors

  • Spring 2020 Peer Counselors Serving in the Guidance Office 


    1st Hour, Madeline & Kalea 



    Question: Why do you think mentoring has had an impact on the program and the students?

    PC shares: “Mentoring has a big impact on students because they know someone cares and is there to help. This has an impact on the program by proving peer counselors are here to help make a difference.”


    Question: What impact does the ambassador tour have on newly enrolled students?

    PC shares: "It gives the students a welcoming feel of the school and it eases their nerves a bit. I believe the student gets a sense of acceptance and doesn’t have to feel lost.”



    2nd Hour, Kaidence & Kayla



    Question: What can future students gain from the peer counseling program?

    PC shares: “How to maintain a stable student life and personal life.”


    Question: What kind of an impact do peer counselors’ have in guidance?

    PC shares: “A huge impact! We take some of the students counselors have trouble with or think they need help and we connect with them on a personal level. It’s good for us and the counselors.” 



    5th hour, Angela & Anthony



    Question: How does being a peer counselor impact your life?

    PC says: “Being a peer counselor has had a positive impact on my life. I learned how communicate better with every person I talk to and I was given more tools to help as many people as I can.”


    Question: Why would you recommend students who have conflict to go to mediation?

    PC says: “Students should always feel safe and at ease here at Centennial. I would recommend mediation to anyone who has conflicts so that our school can be a nicer place.”


    Question: Why would you recommend other students to join Peer Counseling?  What did you gain/learn about yourself?

    PC shares: “You get to learn new skills and meet/work with different people. You also get to help your fellow students. I gained experience in tutoring/mentoring and public speaking (presentations/workshops). I also learned about mediations.”


    Question: What has been your most memorable experience of serving this semester? What did you gain/learn about yourself?

    PC shares: “Going to the 8th grade schools to present. That patience is sometimes hard to find.”