Dear Parents / Guardians,

    There have been some additions / changes to our parking lot procedures, therefore a map of the drop-off / pick-up area is included with this letter and can be used to visualize the procedures. We are asking for your patience and cooperation as it will be critical to the success of what we are trying to accomplish.

    Drop Off Areas:

    Main drop-off / pick-up area

    This drop-off / pick-up area extends along the curb starting near the Multi-Purpose room all the way to the kindergarten gates. The north entrance / exit of our campus during drop-off / pick-up will only be used for exiting the parking lot (no-entry).

    Secondary drop-off / pick-up area:

    This drop-off / pick-up area is located in the bus loading zone on the south side of campus. Entrance to this drop-off / pick-up area will be from the far south entrance / exit of the school parking lot. This area will only be open after the school busses have departed the school campus. A staff member will remove cones from the area in order to indicate it is available for use.

    Additional Information:  

    Parking lots are not used for drop-off / pick-up unless the vehicle is parked in an appropriate parking spot and an adult walks with the student(s) to and from the car across the crosswalk onto the school side of the crosswalk.

    We will have staff stationed at the crosswalks leading to and from the parking lots. As you are traveling in the drop-off / pick-up areas please stay alert as you may be asked at times to stop and allow foot traffic to safely cross. Also, do not park and get out of your vehicle in this area, use our two parking lots if you need to exit the vehicle.

    Students will only exit the vehicle in the drop-off / pick-up area from the passenger side of the vehicle along the curb. Please support our staff and community members by continually moving forward to accommodate more vehicles. Make sure to stay in the right lane of the drop-off / pick-up area until the students have safely made it onto the sidewalk with the vehicle doors closed. Once students have safely cleared the vehicle, it is then appropriate to signal and merge into the left lane to slowly and safely move to exit the school parking lot. Make sure to allow other vehicles requesting to merge into the left lane the opportunity as well to safely exit the school parking lot.

    We appreciate your help and know that we all want to maintain a safe environment for everyone. I understand all of this information is difficult to visualize, a review of the map should help. As long as we are attentive, patient, and considerate, everything will work well. Thank you in advance for your help.



    Josh Rawlings,


    Vistancia Elementary