• We are proud that 85% of our schools have received an A or B letter grade.


    In September 2017, the Arizona State Board of Education finalized the new A-F Accountability System and awarded letter grades to schools across the state. The new formula that determines school labels uses a wide range of academic measures, including results from the AzMERIT test and academic growth.   On October 5, 2018, the current A-F letter grades were made public.


    Here are a few important things to keep in mind about the new labeling system:


    ·       Teachers have multiple ways they measure student learning. The A-F Accountability System is just one of those tools. Throughout the school year, there are many ways teachers assess how students are doing in their classroom, including classwork, homework, quizzes, projects, and teacher and counselor observations about your child’s growth. Remember, your child’s teachers and our administrative team is your best resource for information about individual and overall academic progress.


    ·       We're proud of our schools for their growth. The district’s overall results show excellent growth – leading to 11 schools moving up one letter grade. In addition, we have some of the highest 9th-12th grade college and career-ready indicators and scores. These scores are important in determining how well-prepared our graduates are for post-secondary opportunities and careers. The district’s high school graduation rate remains a point of pride coming in at almost ten percentage points higher than the state and national average.


    For questions regarding your child's school, be sure to contact your principal.