Minutes from September 10, 2018 Site Council Meeting

  • Attendance:

    Joanna Hinderliter

    Missy Ewing

    Brian Mabee

    Missy Fry

    Kristi Ghaster

    Josh Rawlings

    Monica Clay

    Diane Abshire-Smith


    Monica started the meeting by welcoming all to our first Site Council meeting. We will have a meeting once a quarter and if we need to vote on something, a meeting via email will suffice.


    Diane asked to have a $500 pre-approved amount that could be transferred from Tax Credit/Greatest Needs to whichever Tax Credit account it is deemed necessary. All present approved this motion.


    Monica then discussed the Shelter in Place and explained what to expect. This is basically business as usual, doors locked, students may be escorted to the restroom via Admin.

    Missy E. suggested that make sure substitute teachers know what to do and what to expect. All information should be in the red folder in each classroom.

    Monica has sent out the information explaining Lockdown and Shelter in Place.


    Several members suggested that teachers should talk to their classes before we have a drill and let them know what to expect. It was also discussed to keep conversations to a minimum.

    Kristi mentioned that at times students go home and say that more went on then what actually happened.


    It was also discussed that classrooms that do not have windows are very dark and some sort of emergency lighting should be looked into.

    When we have a drill…teachers should practice as is it is a real emergency.

    We can use the Remind 101 to let teachers know that it is a practice drill.

    Josh mentioned that teachers can sweep the halls as they lock their doors.

    On a lockdown..Admin will go to each classroom and unlock the door. A Shelter in Place, teachers can unlock their doors via announcement. Classroom doors should be locked when a teacher leaves the room. This is especially important for classrooms that have adjoining doors.


    There was then discussion about the IXL program. Joanna mentioned that some of these programs produce a lot of homework and time at the computer at home. She also mentioned that she thought that students shouldn’t receive a grade but some sort of incentive for using the programs. There was discussion as to how to balance the extra programs and regular homework.

    IXL and accelerated math programs were discussed. The accelerated math program uses a lot of paper. Some teachers only use the on-line version.


    Josh then thanked everyone for attending and the meeting was adjourned.