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    What do I do if I am behind on credits for graduation?

    Students behind on credits should meet with their counselor ASAP to make a Graduation Plan. Counselors work with students and parents to map out a plan for recovery.

    When do I need to take my senior yearbook picture by?

    Contact Grads Photography to get your headshot taken for the yearbook.   You must do this by 1/30/20.   You do not have to do your senior pictures through them - just the FREE headshot for the yearbook.  www.gradsphotography.com (623-580-4723)

    Which tests are required for graduation?

    The state requires every student to pass an American Civics Test.   This is a 100 question test, students must get at least a 60% to pass. Most students already took and passed this test (it is noted on the transcript). Study materials and information about the test can be found on the state website at: http://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learners/study-test/study-materials-civics-test

    What are the 16 core University Admission requirements?

    Students must have C’s or better in their core classes to attend the in-state Universities. This includes: 4 English credits, 4 math, 3 Science, 2 Social Studies, 2 World Language credits, and 1 CTE or Fine Art. Students planning on going out-of-state OR to a private college (like GCU) should check the admission requirements with the school directly.

    Should I re-take the ACT/SAT?

    Only students planning to go straight to a 4 year University after graduation need an ACT/SAT score. Scores can be used for admission if the GPA is not acceptable. Typically, the score is used for scholarship $.   Students planning to go to a Community College first do not need an ACT/SAT score to attend; just your HS diploma.

    When should I apply to colleges?

    The earlier the better so you and your family can start planning.   See to-do list on reverse side for more information.

    Am I eligible for a waiver for the University Application fee?

    There is a household income cutoff based on the number of people in your family to qualify for a fee waiver. Example: a family of 4 that makes < $45,500 is eligible for the waiver for in-state college application fees and/or NCAA fees. Students who are on the free/reduced lunch program do qualify for the fee waiver.

    How do I know what college classes to take?

    Check the University website to find a Program of Study for your major.   You will meet with a college advisor to help with selection of classes.

    I am interested in playing college sports, what do I need to do next?

    Talk to your coaches and counselor. If you are planning to play at a Division I or II school, you must be “registered and cleared” before you can talk to college coaches or go on visits.   See NCAA/NAIA website for more details.

    How do I find scholarships? When do I apply?

    There are many types of financial aid, including grants, loans, and scholarships. You should register with the LHS scholarship database so we can send you information on scholarships we get that fit your criteria. Students should be actively researching and applying for scholarships ALL year. Check with the Career Center for good websites that you can look at. You should NEVER pay a website to look for scholarships.

    How do I request transcripts?

    Go to the Records Clerk and fill out the ½ sheet form and we will send your official transcripts to any college or scholarship you are applying for free of charge, via US mail. You can also do this online for a small fee at www.parchment.com (recommended)

    How do I order cap & gown?

    Elite Southwest will be coming on campus to give students information about ordering cap, gown, invitations, and more. Their website is www.esbalfour.com

    How do I stay updated throughout the year on senior events?

    Most information will come to students in their classes and this information should be shared with parents. Counselors will also reach out via email to parents after giving students information. Facebook is a GREAT way to stay up-to-date with all things going on at LHS. You can also reference the LHS Guidance webpage for presentation, links, and more. Sign up for text notifications through “Remind” by messaging TO: 81010, @2020-3 in the message.