• Student Voter Registration Campaign


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    Why It Matters Reasons

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    What Can You Do?


    - All levels of governments, and their elections are important! Especially pay attention in your local government as their decisions will impact your everyday life more than you think!

    -Play a role in choosing our leaders and changing our laws by voting.

    - Learn about the candidates and issues before you vote in any election.

    - Know what’s going on in your country and community.

    - Write letters, emails, and make phone calls to public officials about issues that are important to you.

                 For every one person calling to voice their opinions, politicians believe that about 500 other people feel the same.             

    - Respect your right to vote! It’s a privilege that many people in the world don’t have.

    -Vote in every election possible, your vote is your voice, your voice is your opinion, voting makes it heard!

    - Register online or in person with the forms provided.

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    What to Do After?


    Find out where to vote on election day at https://voter.azsos.gov/VoterView/RegistrantSearch.do

    Keep up to date with all levels of government. The national level is important but can get exhausting! State levels are important too and affect your everyday life, so stay involved city council, school boards, etc.

    Also click the option to be added to the permanent voting list while signing up to vote. THAis add you on a list so when it’s time to vote, your ballot will be sent straight to your house!

    Don’t forget you will be eligible to vote in our 2020 Presidential Election