• eCampus has created several enrichment courses (non credit bearing) to assist high school students in their online experience.  The courses address important topics for students to be successful online such as study and technology skills to understanding plagiarism.  Students can self enroll in the online courses and a certificate of completion is offered at the end of each course.  

    To access the enrichment courses, students should follow the steps below or view the video tutorial on how to access the courses.  

    Step 1: Find and click on the enrichment course name link shown in the list below.  Clicking on the course name link below will direct you to another web page that will display all the enrichment courses.  Click on the enrichment course you want to access.

    Step 2: Students will enter their Peoria Unified student username and password and click on the Login button (see Image 1). 

    Image 1


    Step 3:  Then, students click the "Enroll me" button to access the course (see Image 2).  

    Image 2
    enroll me button

    List of Enrichment Courses

    eCampus Communications Skills Course

    Description:  The eCampus Communication Skills course will help you develop and strengthen your communications skills.  Topics include writing effective emails, text messages, requesting phone support, participation in a virtual session, and sharing your feedback in a discussion forum.

    Estimated completion time:  30-45 minutes

    eCampus Internet Safety Course

    Description:  The eCampus Internet Safety course will help you identity helpful tools and strategies to manage your digital privacy and security, engage in positive and safe online behaviors, and recognize the rights of other's online property.

    Estimated completion time:  45-60 minutes

    eCampus Plagiarism Course

    Description:  The eCampus Plagiarism course will help you understand why avoiding plagiarism is so important, assist you in recognizing plagiarism in its various forms, and help you develop skills for avoiding plagiarism including citing sources, taking notes, quoting, and paraphrasing.

    Estimated completion time:  60-90 minutes

    eCampus Preparing to Take an Online Course

    Description:  The eCampus Preparing to Take an Online Course will discuss several key skill sets that students will need to be mindful of and develop in order to have a successful and rewarding online experience.  Some of those skill sets include proper mindset, time management, and communication.  We highly recommend all students take this course first before making the decision to enroll in any online courses.  

    Estimated completion time:  30-45 minutes

    eCampus Study Skills Course

    Description:  The eCampus Study Skills course will help you develop and strengthen your study skills in areas such as time management, managing stress, note taking, reading strategies, and test taking tips.  

    Estimated completion time:  45-60 minutes

    eCampus Technology Skills Course

    Description:  The eCampus Technology Skills course will help you develop and strengthen your technology skills.  Topics include operating system basics, helpful keyboard and mouse skills, setting up files and folders, browser basics, basic troubleshooting, and digital literacy.  

    Estimated completion time:  45-60 minutes