• The following resources will assist you as you take your eCampus courses.  However, in the event you need additional assistance, please contact us

    How to Check Email and use Office 365 Web Apps

    All official eCampus Virtual High School communication (i.e., grade reports, course announcements) is sent to your Peoria Unified student email account. You should use your student email account for all communication to eCampus faculty and staff.  In addition, all students now have access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel online through Office 365. The tutorials below will get you started on using email and Office 365.  Furthermore, Peoria Unified's partnership with Microsoft allows students to install a copy of Office 365 on a personal device.   


    How to Track Time

    You must log a minimum of 400 minutes per week for each eCampus course you are enrolled in during the fall and spring semesters.  During the summer, full credit eCampus courses require 800 minutes per week.  The eCampus student tracking system is where you track your time daily.  You can view the student tracking system video or the PDF tutorial

    How to Verify Time

    Parents/guardians must verify time each week.  You can view the parent verification video or view the PDF tutorial on how to verify time.  

    How to Print the Parent Verification Report

    In order to exit the eCampus course and for a final grade to be posted, you must print the Parent Verification Report which shows all the time spent on the course.  You and your parent/guardian will need to sign and date the report and bring it to your scheduled final exam date.  You can watch the short training video or view the PDF tutorial on how to print the report from the student tracking system.

    Parent/guardians also can print the report from the parent verification system.  View the PDF tutorial on how to print the parent report from the parent verification system. 

    How to Check Grades

    StudentVUE is how you check your grades, attendance, etc.  You will need your Peoria Unified username and password to login.  You can view the How to Check Grades tutorial for steps on how to login and view your official course grade for your eCampus course.  In addition, your eCampus instructor will send progress reports to your student email account and you can always email your instructor if you have any questions about your grade in the course.

    How to Navigate Moodle Student Guide

    The Student Moodle Help course will help you navigate your way within our Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

    How to Have a Successful First Week

    The first week checklist is a quick guide that will help you get off to a successful start in your eCampus courses(s).

    How to Clear Browser's Cache

    Clearing your internet browser's cache will help cure some issues that you may experience when viewing online content.  Click the appropriate link below to clear your browser's cache.

    How to Allow Pop-Ups in Browser

    You may need to allow pop-ups for some of the eCampus course content. 

    How to Plan to Succeed

    Access the digital backpack for additional resources such as free calendars, checklists, etc.