• Interested in Playing Sports at the Collegiate Level?  

     Even if student athletes are recruited, they must show eligibility!  Eligibility is determined by the NCAA Eligibility Center or through NAIA depending on the school.  Colleges and universities can not give an athletic scholarship to a student that is not eligible. 

     Eligibility includes earning a certain GPA in the university required courses and certain ACT/SAT test scores. Students should register at the end of their sophomore year, although registration can be completed any time prior to beginning the first year of college or before a student can make an "official visit" to the recruiting college. 

     See the information and links below regarding each organization.

  • NAIA Eligibility and Information

    Embry Riddle, Arizona Christian University and Ottawa University are some NAIA schools in Arizona.

    NAIA are typically smaller universities with smaller athletic budgets.  They may use the NAIA website for recruiting purposes.  Athletic scholarships are available through NAIA schools if the student proves eligibility.  Eligibility is determined by GPA and ACT/SAT test scores. To be eligible through NAIA students must have at least two of these three: 2.0 GPA, graduate in top half of class, or an ACT composite score of 18/SAT score of 970.

    Take the ACT and/or SAT in spring of Junior year or Fall of Senior year.  To have official scores sent directly to NAIA use the code "9876" when registering for the test and requesting test scores.

     NAIA website - information and registration will be here.