Tests Required for College Admission

  • Most four-year universities require ACT or SAT scores to determine admission and/or to award Merit Based Scholarship money.    It is best to take the exams during the junior year or early in the senior year.  Peoria Unified participates in state ACT testing.  This means ALL juniors have the opportunity to take one ACT exam (without the writing portion) during the school day free of charge.  This is typically given in the spring of junior year.  This is a great opportunity because the ACT and SAT charge a fee for each exam taken.

    Tests are normally given on a Saturday and students must sign up through the Testing Website.  The ACT has four subject tests; English, reading, math,  and science (writing is optional). The SAT has three sections; reading, math, writing/language (with an optional essay). 

    Visit the test websites to learn more regarding test dates and deadlines, cost, and study tips. 

    ACT Website (general), ACT registration and test dates

    SAT Website (general), SAT registration and test dates

     What is the difference and how do I choose which to take?

    • Check the website of the college you are interested in and look for a preference or required test.   All of the Arizona schools and most out-of-state schools will accept either test.The following are resources to help understand the difference between the two exams. These companies also offer study services but they are not affiliated with Peoria Unified and we do not endorse their services.

    When registering for a test you will want to know your high school code:

    • Cactus High: 030-257
    • Centennial High: 030-256
    • Ironwood High: 030-259
    • Liberty High: 030-208
    • Peoria High: 030-260
    • Raymond S. Kellis High: 030-034
    • Sunrise Mountain High: 030-254