• Ever said to yourself: "I wonder why they made that decision?"


    How about: "I wish I could help our schools somehow"?


    2020 is the year for you. Three of the five Peoria Unified Governing Board seats are up for election in November and you could be the person to fill one of those seats. 


    Public school districts such as Peoria Unified are overseen by elected governing boards that make policy and budgetary decisions as well as approving administrative appointments. Governing board members are elected by voters within the school district boundaries and serve four-year terms with no monetary compensation. Board members attend public meetings approximately twice a month as well as attending district events. visiting campuses, and representing Peoria Unified at conferences and functions outside the district. 


    To find out if running for the board is right for you, you will want to review the legal requirements for holding office, the process of running for election, and understand the duties and responsibilities of serving. The Arizona School Boards Association has put together Interested in School Board Service?, a downloadable PDF with the answers to those questions and more. You can find even more information on the ASBA website