Keep Climbing


    Dear Centennial Coyotes,


    Just like you, I am completely saddened with how our school year is ending. Right now, our world is full of uncertainties, emotions, confusion, and fear – fear of what is coming next and uncertainty regarding what the future holds. Please find this letter to be one of hope and encouragement from myself to you personally.


    A quote that has continuously gotten me through my years as a high-school student has been, “The best view often comes after the hardest climb.”


    Coyotes, we have come across one of the hardest climbs of our lives, but you are not in this alone. We will get through this pandemic together, and we will be stronger than ever after this. These next few weeks or months may be hard, but when we come out on the other side, we will have a different outlook on life. We will no longer dread going to school every day, we will cherish the times we have with our friends, and we will appreciate the little and simple things in life.


    Reach Out


    It is important to know that every student is going through this tough time in different ways. I challenge each of you to reach out to those you love and miss. I challenge you to maintain those relationships during this hard time.  I challenge you to reconnect with those who have impacted your high school years. As high school students, we must continue to stand together and overcome these hardships.


    I know the unknowns are scary and there are many of us who were looking forward to the end of our year and this semester; sports seasons, the final dance concert of the year, the last musical, Prom, and many other events that have since been cancelled or postponed for this year. There is no doubt in my mind that we were completely robbed of our semester. To all of the students who feel like an event was taken away from them this semester, I can promise you that you will come out stronger after this. I have full faith in our student body in that one day, we will be the best leaders of this country because of this global crisis.


    Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, you are lucky enough to get to go back to Centennial next year. Whether it is only one more year or three more years, you still have time to enjoy high school. Take the time you have left and make it the best possible experience you can. High school goes by so fast and you never know if it’ll end sooner than expected, so enjoy it while you can. These are some of the best years of your life, so make the best out of them!


    I would never have thought I would be writing a letter like this to you. No one would have guessed that there would be a global pandemic to force our year to be cut short. There is no amount of time that would have been enough to prepare and accept what is happening. We will survive through this tough time, and better yet we will be even stronger after this! I am so proud to say I am a Coyote. You should be too.




    Regardless of what is to come in the next month or so, I am so thankful and honored to have been your Student Body President this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything!


    Best Wishes,


    Student Body President