Current Instructional Status (Grades 3-12)

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  • All Virtual Model Overview (Updated September 8, 2020)



All Virtual (Instruction Prior to Campuses Opening)

  • What if I need help with WiFi?

  • How will attendance be taken at the high school level?

  • How will attendance be taken at the elementary school level?

  • How will this fall be different from what we experienced last spring?

  • What technology will my student need and if we do not have access to a computer, will the district provide one?

  • What is the timeline on when we can return to school?

  • Why aren't you going with a hybrid option?

  • What about the social emotional needs of children who have endured this pandemic?

  • Are there opportunities for preschool in an all virtual environment?

  • Will my kindergartner need to be online all day?

  • Will arts education be offered in the online platform?

  • What will TLC look like at the junior high level?

  • How will we address CTE in a virtual environment?

  • Will there be a set schedule for learning in the All Virtual model or will class times be flexible?

  • How will your teachers/staff adjust their hours to ensure students have support outside of normal school hours for parents who work?







  • Peoria Unified Return to School Plan

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Return to School

  • Information for Parents of Students with Special Needs

  • Meal Service

  • Microsoft Office: Download or Use Online

  • Internet Access from Home

Last Modified on September 8, 2020