• Community Colleges

    Community college can be a more affordable way to start a four-year education or it can be a means to a technical certificate or two-year degree. Arizona has several public two-year/community college options.  Students that take advantage of Dual Enrollment are already enrolled in college while in high school. After high school graduation, community colleges require a high school diploma or GED and students must take placement tests in math, reading and writing.  February or March of senior year is a great time to complete enrollment information and placement testing. Students that have earned dual credit already have a community college transcript!  Community colleges accept AP Test Scores as college credit as well.  AP Scores and Community College Credit

    Technical/Trade Schools

    Technical schools are another option for those pursuing a trade. There can be many different schools to choose from, depending on the skill or certification level.  It is important to research all schools.  Take the following into consideration when searching for a Technical School:

    • length of time to earn the certificate
    • cost of program
    • Do they offer job placement after certification/graduation?
    • Do they offer internships? 
    • history of school (reputation)

     Are scholarships and financial-aid available at these schools?

     YES! Community colleges and Technical/trade schools offer financial aid.  Students should complete the FAFSA (check out the Financial Aid page on this site). 

     Maricopa County Community Colleges offer the Presidential Scholarship. If awarded, this covers full tuition for up to four semesters.  Maricopa Honors Information and Presidential Application