• General Career Planning Information:

    There are a lot of choices after graduating from high school!  How do you determine what is best for you?

    All students in grades 7-12 have access to SchooLinks, Peoria's online career planning platform, designed to help students discover future careers, and create personalized academic goals. 

    The platform includes:

    • Assessments to help you discover more about you, and possible career matches.
    • Hundreds of occupations to explore
    • Academic Planning
    • College exploration and application tracking
    • Scholarship Search

    Additional Resources:

    There are several free websites that offer Career and College Planning/Research Resources.  Here are links to just a few:

    1. Start by exploring your interests and understanding your strengths.  Utilize the resources listed above to take Interest Inventories and explore Careers.
    2. Think about education, some careers require additional education beyond high school and some you can learn on the job.  Pick what is right for you:
      • 4-year universities (earn a Bachelors degree)
      • 2-year colleges (earn an Associates degree, certification and/or transfer to a 4-year university)
      • Technical and Trade Schools - these can be 6 months-two years in length
      • Apprenticeships (on the job training)
      • Military 
    3. Research colleges and training programs.  Consider requirements for the career you are interested in, cost of attendance, and wages that can be earned upon completion.

    For more information on Post-Secondary Planning choose the page on this site that best fits your interests. 

  • How do I make a decision about life after high school?

    1. Research Careers and get to know your strengths and abilities!
    2. Talk to your School Counselor and/or Career Center Specialist - they both have resources that can help you!
    3. Utilize career research websites.

    I know I want to attend college, how do I decide which one?

    Consider all of the following:

    1. What level of education does my career goal require?
    2. How will my high school record/grades affect my choices? 
    3. How much money can I afford for an education?
    4. What school will meet my career plans? Does it offer my major?
    5. Will I live at home or on campus? What is the cost for housing?
    6. Am I prepared for college-level work?
    7. What size of campus am I comfortable with? 
    8. Have I taken or am I prepared for required entrance exams? (ACT/SAT, or placement tests)
    9. Do I qualify for the entrance requirements? 
    10. What are the deadlines for admissions and financial aid?
    11. What clubs, sports, or activities do I want to participate in?  Does the school offer it?