• Sky View Middle School Student Supply List 2021-2022


    Thank you for your dedication to your child’s learning success. Please make sure that your child comes to class every day with the supplies needed to be successful. Academic instruction begins on the first day of school and students need to come prepared with the supplies listed. As always, supplies are consumable and may need to be replaced throughout the year.

    Thank you again for all your support,

    The Middle School Team


    All 6th – 8th Grade Students


     Pencils

     erasers

     Pens

     Highlighters

     One package - Color Pencils OR fine tipped markers NO SHARPIES

     Dry Erase markers (black)

     Glue

     Headphones/earbuds with a cord for use with the computers

     Kleenex

     2 pocket folder

    **Students must ALWAYS carry an age-appropriate book with them.



    1” 3-ring binder

    Spiral notebooks



    Spiral notebook

    2 pocket folder



    1 1.5” 3-ring binder

    1 set of binder dividers

    1 ream college-ruled lined paper

    Assorted Writing Tools (pens, pencils, etc.)

    Assorted Colored Highlighters

    Assorted Art Supplies (Markers, colored pencils, rulers, glue, scissors, etc.)



    2” 3-Ring Binder

    Red Composition Notebook (Language)

    Blue Spiral Notebook (Reading)

    Black Spiral Notebook (Writing)


    PE Supplies

    · Athletic shoes (tennis shoes)

    · Athletic shorts and t-shirt (to dress out if student wishes to change)

    · PE appropriate clothing (workout clothing) worn to school, that is school appropriate, if the student does not wish to change out for PE

    · Water bottle

    · Deodorant (NO body sprays – they can cause asthma attacks in other students)

    · Lock for PE locker if student wishes to secure items in the locker while at PE

    · Hand towel – to help dry off after vigorous exercise


    Choir Supplies (only for students who are in Choir)

    · One – 1” 3 ring binder

    · Yellow Highlighter