Inside the Library


  • Students have many opportunities throughout the day to access the Kellis Library's printers:


    Before School

    7:00 to 7:15 AM Daily Via Orangewood Entrance

    Students can access computers only for printing and may also check-out and return books.  They must enter through the front door that faces Orangewood.  Students do not need passes if they enter and exit during this time period, via the front entrance.


    During School (Pass Required)

    Lunch Time

    Students should obtain a pass prior to lunch in order to access the library during lunch.


    After School 

    2:30-4PM, Mondays through Thursdays

    Kellis provides after-school library supervision.  This is an ideal time for students to work on and get extra help with research, word processing, reading, printing, etc.  Books cannot be checked out after 3:00, when the desk closes for the day, although they may be turned in.  Students do not need a pass to take part.  The after-school tutoring bus is available to provide transportation for those students who stay late, Mondays through Thursdays.


    Overdue Fine Limit for Computer Access: $2.00

    Students must take responsibility for returning borrowed materials on-time.  Students whose fines exceed $2.00 may have their computer access restricted when they visit before or after school to utilize printers.

On Display

Kellis Library

  • Daytime Hours

    7:00 AM – 3:00 PM


    After-School Hours

    Mondays – Thursdays

    3:00 – 4:00 PM

    Late Bus Available


    Kellis Librarian

    Ginny Null


Orangewood Entrance