• Copperwood Elementary AzMERIT Testing window is April 3rd -April 26th. 

    Copperwood Community please do not schedule appointments and vacations that interfere with the scholastic day during the month of April.


    Before the Test


    • Review the material more than one time.
    • Ensure she gets a good night’s sleep and has a healthy breakfast before the test.

    On the Day of the Test


    • Listen closely to verbal directions and read carefully any instructions on the test itself.
    • Ask the teacher to explain any instructions she doesn’t understand.


    Types of Test Questions


    1. True-False

    • If any part of the answer is false, the whole thing is false.
    • Watch for words like “never,” “always,” “every,” “all,” “none,” and “only”; they generally indicate a false answer.
    • Don’t leave it blank – a guess has a 50-50 chance of being right!


    2. Multiple Choice

    • Read the whole question carefully and try to decide what the answer is before reading any of the options.
    • Read all the answer options, then choose the one that most closely matches her answer.
    • When unsure, eliminate answers that are clearly incorrect.


    3. Fill-in-the-Blank

    • Read the sentence carefully for clues about the type of information needed.
    • Notice the type of blanks in the sentence. One short blank calls for a single word answer. A longer blank indicates a longer answer, such as a phrase. 

    4. Matching

    • Scan the whole column of possible matches rather than stopping at the first likely answer.
    • Answer the questions that are known first.
    • Keep going through the columns to make more matches.


    5. Essay Questions

    • Before writing, make an outline to organize main ideas and facts to include in the answer.
    • Focus on only one idea per paragraph.
    • State the main point in the first sentence of each paragraph.
    • Avoid unsupported statements – include relevant details and examples.
    • If time is running out, write at least an outline of the whole answer.


    After the Test

    • Were questions left blank due to a lack of time?
    • Were any errors due to not following instructions?