• All eCampus final exams (including state testing) are delivered in-person on the campus of Peoria High School. Read all the information below to ensure you schedule your in-person final exam appointment.

    When are the final exams?  
    Spring 2023 in-person final exams are scheduled for the dates shown below.  Students can view the various time slots for the dates below once they access the online final exam scheduler. 

         Seniors- Spring 2023 Full and half-credit courses | May 17th and May 18th
         Non-Seniors- Spring 2023 Full and half credit courses | May 15th and May 16th  

    What is the testing center?
    All eCampus in-person final exams take place at the testing center. Students will travel to one location to take their final exams. Students must book their in-person final exam appointment using our online system. Please note that any mid-term exams and/or tutoring will still take place at the eCampus instructor's home school. 

    Where is the testing center located? 
    The testing center is located on the campus of Peoria High School. Peoria High School is located at 11200 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria, 85345. The testing takes place inside Peoria High School's library.  Students should park inside the parking lot located off 83rd avenue and Varney.

    How do I book my online appointment? 
    You must visit our eCampus course site. Once there, scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the icon, "Final Exam Scheduler" (Image 1). Enter your username and password to login to the online scheduler. You will need to click on the "Enroll me" button (Image 2) to enter the course. Once you logged into the final exam schduler, you will be able to review information about what you need to bring to your final exam and you will be able view the exam dates and available time slots.  Slots are available on a first come, first served basis.
    Image 1
    final exam scheduler

    Image 2

    self enrollment

    What do I need to bring? 
    You must bring picture ID (e.g., School ID, Driver's License, Passport) to the in-person final exam. You will not be permitted to take your exam without some form of picture ID. You should submit all other course assignments via the online system and direct any questions about assignments towards your instructor.  You should bring any textbooks that were checked out to you to the testing center. In addition, we encourage students to bring their own calculators and pencils to limit contact with materials previously used by other students/staff.  

    How long are the exams? 
    You should plan on spending 90 minutes for each exam. You may leave as soon as you are done with your exam.

    How do we handle personal belongings?
    To ensure the integrity of all final exams, you will be required to turn off and store out of sight your personal electronic device(s) and belongings throughout the duration of your final exam session.