• Due to the lack of interest in some of the flexible schedule options that we previously shared with you for next year, we will not be moving forward with the late start/6th hour option.  
    We are still planning to offer an alternative schedule through additional eCampus offerings during 2nd hour if that is something your child would like to pursue.   

    Here are reasons that having a 2nd hour eCampus course might be a great fit for your child: 

    • Students who do not get into high demand classes, such as Culinary Arts, can still take the course through eCampus and meet the pre-requisite to go on to subsequent classes in person for that CTE strand.
    • If your child would rather not take PE in-person, eCampus has an online PE option that students can take to still meet the graduation requirement. 
    • There are a variety of Honors and AP course options offered through eCampus for your child.
    • If your child is involved in athletics, taking an eCampus course could offer some additional coursework/study time for students that need extra time on their schoolwork. 

    Details about adding a 2nd hour eCampus course are available below. Note that eCampus courses are done independently, but there are pacing guides and due dates for assignments.  

    There is space available in the school cafeteria for students who wish to enroll in a 2nd hour eCampus course and take the course while on campus during the day.  

    To sign up for a 2nd hour eCampus course, please complete 2nd hour eCampus Option form and submit it to your guidance counselor by March 1, 2023.  

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.