Peoria Unified Food & Nutrition Department

  • For information on the Sun BUCKS (Summer EBT) program, click here.


Breakfast and Lunch Menus

  • July Menu
    July Public Menu

    While it is Peoria Unified’s goal to serve the food items posted on our menus each day, there is a national supply chain challenge on food availability at this time. This means that on occasion, we need to change our menu with little to no notice in some of our schools. Please know that we will always do our best to substitute the scheduled menu item with another item that is as similar as possible.  If a menu item is substituted with a new food choice, it will be clearly identified for all students to see. If a student has any questions about the dietary information for the new item, they can get more specifics from the cafeteria manager or school nurse who may assist in answering questions.   

    We are working closely with our distributors and manufacturers to secure both the food and supply items needed to support our program and the average 24,000 students we serve on a daily basis. 

    Thank you for your patience.  

Special Diet Menu


    Our Mission 

    The Food and Nutrition Department provides for the nutritional well-being of our students through nutrition integrity and quality programs. We support student achievement by providing a variety of nutritious meals and encouraging students to make healthy choices.

    Service Standards

    • Provide courteous quality service
    • Present a professional image
    • Create a positive environment
    • Communicate in a comprehensive and timely manner
    • Respect others
    • Be "assertively friendly"

Breakfast & Lunch Prices

  • Elementary:

    • Breakfast includes a choice of hot entree or breakfast kit, fruit & 100% fruit juice and a choice of white or chocolate milk. Meal price is $1.50, reduced price meals are no cost for the 24-25 school year. 
    • Lunch includes a choice from 2 hot and 1 cold lunch entrees, fruit & vegetable bar, choice of white, chocolate or strawberry milk.  Meal price is $2.50, reduced price meals are no cost for the 24-25 school year.

    High School:

    • Breakfast includes entree, fruit and milk. Meal price is $1.75, reduced price meals are no cost for the 24-25 school year.
    • Lunch is a choice of hot or cold entrees, fruit, vegetable and beverage. Meal price is $2.75, reduced price meals are no cost for the 24-25 school year.

    Menu items are subject to change without notification. Alternate items will be provided.

Food and Nutrition Logo
Student at fresh food bar
  • Free language assistance, auxiliary aids, and/or accommodations are available upon request. Contact our Food & Nutrition Department for more information. 

    Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Executive Order 13166; 7 CFR 246.8(c); DR 4300-003 6 (c.) and 8 c.(3);  FNS Instruction 113-1, Sections VII and XII;  U.S. Department of Agriculture Guidance to Federal Financial Assistance Regarding the Title VI Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination Affecting Persons with Limited English Proficiency, 79 Fed. Reg. 70771, (Nov. 28, 2014) (USDA LEP Policy Guidance); and DOJ LEP Guidance.  


Need Financial Help With Meals?

  • If your household budget is tight, there is help in paying for school meals. Children are eligible to receive low cost or free meals if their household's gross income falls within the limits on the application in the Nutrition Information Packet. Parents can complete and submit the application online at SchoolLunchApp. New applications need to be filled out each school year. Only one application is needed if you have students at multiple schools. 

Paying for Your Student's Meals

  • Cash or check made out to 'Peoria Lunch Fund' is always accepted in your student's cafeteria.

    If you would like to fund your student's account by credit card, you can set up an online account through MySchoolBucks. It is a safe, secure, accurate and convenient way to pay for meals. When you set up an account online, you can choose to add payments manually or opt for automatic withdrawals. A $3.25 service fee is charged for each transaction. You will need your student's ID number to set up an account. This information can be found inside Parent View or by contacting your student's school. 



    Students are allowed two charges. After the second charge, students are given the alternative meal. A phone call will be made to parents after two charges. All charges are to be paid promptly to the cafeteria. 

    An email is sent weekly with your student's current balance. This is designed to keep the parent current of money needed or if a refund is needed. You may request to be removed from this list at any time.