• Desert Valley Junior Honor Society is an academic club that focuses on education and community service.  These students help to plan and put together Honor Roll assemblies, ensuring that all students who achieve high academic standards are recognized. They periodically meet with other students on campus to help promote good grades and positive attitudes. DVJHS also likes to recognize Desert Valley staff for all the hard work that they do. They know their academic success would not be possible without all of the wonderful and caring staff at Desert Valley. Finally, DVJHS focuses on community service. These students plan and implement small projects that give back. They start small with their DV community and work up to our large community. They plan to be involved with the elderly, small children, animals, and even other cities such as Flagstaff.


    Teaming up to make a small difference around them is extremely important to these club members. Desert Valley Junior Honor Society members are not only academically successful, but they have a lot of DV Pride and tremendously large hearts! Keep an out for these DVJHS students, they will be making an impact all over campus and the city!