•  2nd Grade Supplies


    Inexpensive ear buds or headphones for computer lab

    1 Green Spiral Notebook (wide ruled) labeled MATH

    1 Red Spiral Notebook (wide ruled) labeled READING

    1 Blue Spiral Notebook (wide ruled) labeled WRITING

    1 Green 2 pocket folder with prongs labeled MATH

    1 Red 2 pocket folder with prongs labeled READING

    1 Yellow Spiral Notebook (wide ruled)

    Be sure to write your child’s name on these personal items!

    Big Box of Pencils

    1 Large Pink Eraser

    Colored pencils

    Markers (Skinny and Fat)


    Black dry erase markers


    Pack of glue sticks

    1– 7.6 oz Elmer’’s Glue bottle or 2– 4oz. Elmer’s Glue bottles

    4 Highlighters

    Classroom Supplies:

    Colored Reams of Copy Paper

    Gallon size Ziplock Baggies or Quart size Ziplock Baggies