• 5th Grade Supply List


    Fifth Grade will be working diligently on organizational skills this year. All of these items will help in that endeavor, as well as prepare your child for the academic school year.

    Individual Supplies- *Please do not label anything until after the start of the year*

    □ 4 -6 Spiral Notebooks with 3 holes

    □ Six 2-Pocket Folders with 3 holes

    □ 3” Binder

    □ Pencil Pouch to carry supplies 

    □ Pack(s) of #2 Pencils

    □ Pencil top erasers or hand held erasers 

    □ Colored pen for grading

    □ Colored Pencils OR Markers OR 24 Count Crayons  (no permanent markers please)

    □ Glue sticks

    □ “Hi-Liters” – any brand, at least 3 colors 

    □ Low Odor White Board Markers (needed throughout the school year) 

    □ Old Sock for white board eraser

    □ Student-Size Scissors 

    □ Ream of Copy Paper for classroom use

    □ Small student planner

    *Please do not label anything until after the start of the year*

     Optional/Donations to the classroom - *needed throughout the year*  

    □ Colored pen for grading                                                            □ Glue/Glue Sticks

    □ Standard sized “Post-It” Notes                                                  □ Loose-leaf lined Paper

    □ Reams of blank copy/computer paper (any color)                       □ Hand Sanitizer

    □ Scotch Tape with Dispensers                                                     □ White out

    □ Facial Tissue Boxes                                                                   □ Graph Paper

    □ Rolls of Kitchen Paper Towels                                                     □ Pencils 

    □ Clorox type sanitation wipes                                                      □ Ziploc baggies-any size 

    □ Cups                                                                                       □ Plates 

    □ Napkins                                                                                   □ Utensils  

    □ Any extra individual supplies