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Title I Announcement

Copperwood Community, I am excited to announce that Copperwood has now been designated as a Title I school.  What does this mean? This means that we will have approximately $100,000 of additional funding THIS YEAR!  This money will allow for:


  • Purchasing additional computers
  • Professional Development funds available for teachers
  • Instructional Assistant to support literacy in the primary grades
  • Extra support for our most at-risk students
  • Possible employment opportunities for summer school/after school tutoring programs
  • Purchasing instructional programs for support in intervention for ELA and Math
  • Additional Parent Involvement opportunities
  • Purchasing math manipulatives for the classrooms


And numerous other possibilities……


I have appointed Jennifer Evans (6th Grade Math Teacher) and Nicole Colon (2nd Grade Teacher) to facilitate our Title I program. Collectively these ladies have a decade of experience administering Title I funds and program supervision.  We know that this news is a surprise, but it will really allow us to do amazing things for our students.  Title I funding is not for a targeted is School-wide funding.  Therefore, all our sub-populations (General Education, Resource, English Learners and Gifted) will benefit from the additional funding that is being invested into our school. The CCDI program will not be impacted negatively in any way… Doc




Dr. Michael Crudder

 Dr. Michael Crudder

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