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Jingle Jog


Dear Community Member,


Copperwood Elementary is K-8th grade, AEF A++ School of Excellence, located in the Peoria Unified School District.  “Copperwood exists to uncover, enhance and celebrate the gifts and talents of all who enter.”  The Physical Education program at our school promotes wellness, fitness and physical activity to support the academic and personal/social success of all students. 


This December 19th we are excited to host our 2nd annual Jingle Jog.  This is designed to be a fun event promoting the importance of physical activity this holiday season!   The students will compete in a race against kids in their own grade, to complete a course around our campus.  The PE department is looking for donations from our community to award prizes for each race group.  We would like to award the winners with toys/gifts that promote physical activity and fitness. 


Items Requested:


Soccer Balls




Jump Ropes

Hula Hoops


Cookies (for milk and cookie snack after the race)

Anything else that promotes physical activity!


If you wish to support us by donating any of the items above, please contact coaches via email below.  Thank you in advance for considering donating items to Copperwood Elementary to promote the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.






    Brian Williams                                          Leslie Deeg                             Brandi Jordan