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Habitat Grand Opening

Hello Copperwood families. This is Janet Sharkey, Copperwood schoolyard habitat project manager.

The grand opening event was very successful! There were about 75+ attendees, most of which volunteered while building the site and representatives from some of the community partners/businesses that contributed to the project (AZGFD, Goodman's Landscape Maintenance, ACO, Jim Knutson Design, Sunstate Equipment, Mountain States Wholesale Nursery).


The Ironwood High School advanced choir, Excelsis, sang at the beginning (the National Anthem) and at the end ("Buttercup") of the venue. They were awesome!


Also, about 150 custom drawings (on index-sized cards) that were designed by Copperwood students in various grades were displayed at the site for all guests to peruse. Certificates of Recognition were handed out at the event to all contributors and volunteers and custom engraved pavers were provided for the community partners to placed in the habitat site.


Also (besides me), Pamela Marshall (Habitat Environmental Education Director) and Francine Jackson (Copperwood Kindergarten teacher) spoke for a few minutes each about the importance of the site and using the habitat. Mrs. Jackson has already taken her class to the site a few times and performed a scavenger hunt prepared for the teachers by Pamela Marshall. She loves taking her students there and seeing "Harry" the tortoise.



Thank you,


Janet Sharkey