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WiFi Resources for Families

WiFi Resources for Families

All Peoria Unified schools received WiFi hotspots available for to families to checkout. To obtain a WiFi hotspot, contact your child's school and they will have you fill out a quick form, similar to the district's laptop checkout process.

The city of Peoria allows also parents or guardians to check out a hotspot device at the Peoria Main Library or Sunrise Mountain Library with an active library card, and their child’s student ID.

Looking for WiFi options outside of the home? Here is a free WiFi map "Online Arizona" that uses existing data from the state land department and puts it into an easy to use and searchable format.


For those looking to purchase or enhance their home WiFi signal, these resources are listed on our district’s website:

T-Mobile: Provides a hotspot for $10 per month with 2GB of data. This should be enough data if the student only uses the hotspot for school-related activities. After the 2GB limit is reached, their speed will be reduced to 128kbps.

Cox Connect2Compete: This option would be purchased by the home/parent. It is $10 per month. To participate in this option at this price, families will need to apply on their own from the website below.

Apply for Cox Connect2Compete

Cox Connect2Compete FAQs