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Peoria Unified School District invites you to join ParentSquare


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The Peoria Unified School District invites you to join ParentSquare, our new parent communication system. To activate your account and confirm that we have the correct email for you, please click the link above. ParentSquare, a brand new communication tool that was created by parents, for parents and will be used for us to send out school, district and community updates.

Here's why we love ParentSquare:

  • You can set your notifications to receive district or school messages all at once at the end of the day via a daily digest, you can choose to receive them in real-time as they are sent. (This may be helpful if you are receiving emails from multiple sources per day – a teacher, principal, district, etc.)
  • Regardless of your personal settings, all emergency messages will be prioritized to come through to families immediately.  
  • ParentSquare has a free app which you can download, but this is not required for families to get district or school-related updates.
  • In ParentSquare, you can set your language preferences to receive communication in whatever language you prefer.  

To receive timely updates from the district or your child's school, be sure your contact information is current in ParentVUE.

Thank you for your continued support of Peoria Unified Schools.