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UPDATED! On-Line Programs From Home



Having problems with iReady?


Our district tech training liason and the i-Ready trainers suggested that when at-home issues occur, parents reach out to i-Ready directly. Their technical support team can be reached at, 800-225-0248, or



  •  If you have mutilple children using the program at home, please ensure they log off (by clicking the log off tab in the program) and your next child logs in.


  • When your student logs on, they use their password differently than they do at school. They need to add  pusd11\ in front of their username.


  • Another error is cutting and pasting log in and passwords.  Make sure when you cut and paste, there are no spaces in front of the log in name and password.


Click this link here for iReady Home Access




Foothills Families, we are excited that we have revived awesome feedback on our work with on-line programs to help students meet their specific needs in ELA and Math skills here at Foothills. We are every excited to be working with Achieve 3000 (program information) a reading comprehension program for our 3rd -8th grade. This company also provides SmartyAnts for our K-2 students. We are also excited to be working with iReady (program information). Peoria Unified School District has provided the iReady ELA program for our whole district. Here at Foothills we have invested our Title I funds to provide the iReady Math program as well.


Our goals for the 2018-19 school year have a lot to do with on-line programs and our usage and potential impact it can have on our student achievement.


What we have seen in the 2017-18 school year, as we have piloted programs for ELA and Math, is that students who do some on-line work from home (along with the work here at school, on and off the computer) is a very nice and consistent level of growth in these important skills in reading and math.


How do you get on from home?


Click this link here for iReady Home Access


Click this link for Achieve 3000 Home Access