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A Labeled School

Our school received an A Label! This A represents that our school has distinguished performance on statewide assessments and student growth, and that our overall performance is significantly higher than the state average. This is a distinct mark of achievement and our teachers and students have worked incredibly hard to earn this recognition. 


This is the final time that school letter grades will be calculated using the current formula. Following the pandemic, the ADE adjusted the school letter grade formula to better gauge schools’ recoveries post-COVID. I am so proud of our students and staff for how hard they have worked to overcome any interruption to learning. 


The formula which determines school labels uses a wide range of academic measures including results from the Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment. 


Our school is proud to be part of the Peoria Unified School District. Peoria Unified celebrates the release of school letter grades for its 42 graded schools, with 88 percent receiving an A or B label.  Five Peoria Unified schools increased their grade by one letter and 19 increased their earned percentage points.  

For more detailed information on Arizona’s A-F Accountability System, visit