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Marshall Ranch Title 1 Home Compact 2020-2021

See ourTitle 1 Home compast 2020-2021 for Marshall Ranch Below


Marshall Ranch Elementary School

Title 1 School-Home Compact 2020 -2021

This compact is an important part of our school’s Parent Involvement policy.  Teachers, students, and parents are asked to review and discuss the compact every year to ensure our efforts to support student achievement are coordinated and consistent.

To assure that children realize the high standards of achievement, we must all work together as a team to support them in meeting our state’s academic achievement standards.  Marshall Ranch Elementary School is responsible for providing high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective environment.  The responsibilities of each team member are listed below.

As a student, I will do my part by:

  • Attending school regularly and on time
  • Bringing all necessary materials to school and to each class
  • Completing class assignments on time
  • Respecting my parents, teachers, classmates, and myself
  • Knowing and obeying classroom and school rules
  • Helping to keep my school safe

As a parent/caring adult, I will do my part by:

  • Holding high expectations for my child
  • Helping my child to be on time and attend school daily
  • Finding a quiet place for homework and ensuring its completion
  • Participating in Fall and spring parent teacher conferences
  • Keeping lines of communication open with teachers and administrators
  • Showing respect to staff and administrators
  • Volunteering and participating in my child’s classroom as well as school functions whenever possible

As a staff member, I will do my part by:

  • Respecting and encouraging all children
  • Showing respect for parents and adult care givers
  • Having high expectations for myself, my students, and other staff members
  • Holding parent teacher conferences and as requested by parents
  • Communicating regularly with parents and students regarding student progress and behavior
  • Providing a safe environment for learning
  • Respecting all cultural differences
  • Providing well-organized instruction

PLEASE DO NOT SIGN AND RETURN.  This is just a READ ONLY Document for now.

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This compact is reviewed annually to include suggestions and feedback from parents, students, and teachers.  Please send these ideas for possible revision to the Marshall Ranch Title 1 Facilitator any time during the year.