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Student Supply Lists for the 2021-2022 School Year

Click on the grade level or teacher name below to access a printable list for your student's supply list for 2021-2022 school year.


(2) 18 ct. Crayola Crayons

(2) 10 ct. Crayola Washable Markers

(12) Plain Yellow 3-hole 2 pocket folders. Please place them into 2’ binder.

(12) Plain Blue 2 pocket folders with brads.

(30) Glue Sticks

( 2) or more Boxes of Kleenex

( 1) or more box(es) of Baby Wipes

( 6) Black Erase Markers (3 thin and 3 thick)

( 1) Children’s Scissors

2“ Plain White Binder Please write your child’s name on it.

3 doz. Clear Page Protectors

Please choose One or More of the following to donate for our playground equipment: Sand Toy, Sport’s Balls (Soccer, Football, Nerf, Kickball, basketball, or rubber ball)

Optional this needed:

Sidewalk Chalk

Party Toys/dollar store toys/Mc Donald’s’ toys for treasure box

Small stuffed toys for reading incentives

Jump ropes

Ziplock Bags Gallon and snack preferred

1st grade

The following supplies are suggested to ensure the success of your child for the following school year:

· Student backpack with child’s name written inside

· 1 green and 1 red plastic folder (name written inside)

· 1 box crayons (No bigger than 24 count please)

· 8 count color washable markers

· 1 bottle hand sanitizer

· 1 pkg. large black dry erase markers

· 1 pkg. small black dry erase markers

· Sock or dry erase eraser

· 1 pkg. #2 pencils

· 1 or 2 large pink erasers

· 1 yellow highlighter

· 1 pair of scissors

· 1 plastic pencil box to organize desk supplies

· A 1 inch 3 ring binder

· 1 package of small glue sticks

· Clorox type surface wipes

2nd grade

· 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue Plastic Poly folder with metal prongs.

· 1 pair of headphones – Please send in a labeled, large sturdy ziplock bag. -Label

· 1 Pencil box with name – Small enough to fit in a desk. - Label

· 1 Large Pencil Pouch or sturdy large ziplock bag. This will be used to contain your child’s markers, and colored pencils as the original packaging of these items quickly falls apart. -Label

· 2 packs of pencils (sharpened)

· 2 large pink erasers

· Eraser caps

· 6 black expo markers. The thin ones work best for our small whiteboards.

· 1 pair of scissors -Label

· 3 highlighters 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1, blue, 1 green.

· 8 glue sticks

· 2 boxes of crayons (one for each half of the year)- You can keep 1 box at home and send with your child when they need a new box. -Label

· 1 whiteboard eraser- Label

· 1 box of markers- -Label

· 1 box of colored pencils- Label

· 1 wide ruled spiral notebook- La

· 1 ruler with centimeters and inches - Label

· Hand Sanitizer- Personal size

· Water bottle, with a spout type top not a cap. Please only send water in the bottle, no juice, Gatorade, soda etc.

For the class

· 1 ream of white copy paper

· 1 pack of colored copy paper- Rainbow

· Disinfecting wipes

· Hand Sanitizer-Large Size

· Kleenex

· Large Gallon size Ziplock bags-

3rd grade

These are some of the items that we will be using on an almost daily basis in our classroom. We tend to run low on these consumables as the year goes on. Anything you can send in (even if it isn’t on the list) is greatly appreciated.

Individual Supplies:

2 Folders—any kind/style

1 Composition book (any color)

1 - 1 ½-2” Binder


Expo Markers

Crayons/Colored Pencils/Markers

Earbuds or headphones for computer use

Scissors (we will use these quite often)

Flashlight—these are used for Flashlight Friday

The following items will be for classroom use.

Copy paper

Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart, and gallon sized—these are used for holding loose items and books)

Lysol Wipes


The following items will be put in a community box for the class. Your child may have special ones

to keep in their box, if you wish.

Glue Sticks

Erasers (cap and rectangular ones)

Pencils (we need lots)

Lined notebook paper (wide ruled)

Pencil box/pouch

4th grade

These are some of the items that we will be using on an almost daily basis in our classroom. We tend to run low on these items as the year goes on, so anything that you can send in (even if it is not on the list) would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • Inexpensive headphones
  • Several spiral notebooks (used as writing journals, to take notes, etc)
  • Wide Rule lined notebook paper
  • Copy paper
  • Pencils (we use LOTS of these!)
  • Erasers (especially the cap erasers for pencil tops)
  • Scissors (children’s)
  • MarkersDry Erase Marker (used for small whiteboard practice)
  • Colored pencilsGlue sticks
  • Tissues
  • Personal pencil sharpeners with lid to catch pencil shavings

5th Grade 


  • Two 5 Subject Notebooks (one for ELA and one for Math)
  • Pencil Box/Bag
  • Pencils w/ Lead Refills
  • Colored Ink Pen
  • Personal Headphones (To be left at school. The dollar store has some!)
  • Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers
  • Five 2-Pocket Folders (various colors)
  • Two Composition Notebooks


  • 12-24 Count Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters – blue, pink, yellow, & green
  • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  • Water Bottle

Classroom Donations:

  • Astrobrights/Colored Copy Paper
  • Kleenex
  • Paper Towels
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  • Pencils & Lead Refills
  • Markers/Colored Pencils

P.E. Grades 5-8 Appropriate workout clothing worn to school on PE days. Athletic shoes (tennis shoes)

Choir Grades 5-8 Pencil (to class daily), 1” 3 ring binder, Yellow Highlighter.

Mr. Haze

To ensure that your child has a successful school year, I recommend he/she bring the following suggested items since most of these items will be used daily in our classroom. As the school year goes on, these items tend to run low, so anything that you can send in from this list (even if it is not on the list) would be GREATLY appreciated

o Inexpensive headphones

o Pencils (we use LOTS of these!)

o Erasers

o EXPO Products (Dry-erase markers, erasers, & whiteboard cleaner)

o Tissues

o Glue Sticks

o Copy Paper (one ream of white copy paper)

o Heavy Duty 2 Pocket Folder or Plastic 2 Pocket Folder (to bring home/back to school)

o Highlighters

o Healthy snacks (fruit, crackers, etc)

Ms. O'Dell

Suggested supply list O’Dell 3rd-4th 2021-2022




2 folders



Ms. Reuter

1. Headphones/ earbuds

2. Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils

3. Two pocket folders

4. Loose Leaf Paper

5. Glue Sticks

6. Black Dry Erase markers

7. White copy paper

8. #2 pencils


Sky View Middle School Student Supply List 2021-2022


Thank you for your dedication to your child’s learning success. Please make sure that your child comes to class every day with the supplies needed to be successful.

Academic instruction begins on the first day of school and students need to come prepared with the supplies listed. As always, supplies are consumable and may need to be replaced throughout the year.

Thank you again for all your support,

The Middle School Team

All 6th – 8th Grade Students


 Pencils

 erasers

 Pens

 Highlighters

 One package - Color Pencils OR fine tipped markers NO SHARPIES

 Dry Erase markers (black)

 Glue

 Headphones/earbuds with a cord for use with the computers

 Kleenex

 2 pocket folder

**Students must ALWAYS carry an age-appropriate book with them.



1” 3-ring binder

Spiral notebooks



Spiral notebook

2 pocket folder




1 1.5” 3-ring binder

1 set of binder dividers

1 ream college-ruled lined paper

Assorted Writing Tools (pens, pencils, etc.)

Assorted Colored Highlighters

Assorted Art Supplies (Markers, colored pencils, rulers, glue, scissors, etc.)



2” 3-Ring Binder

Red Composition Notebook (Language)

Blue Spiral Notebook (Reading)

Black Spiral Notebook (Writing)


PE Supplies

· Athletic shoes (tennis shoes)

· Athletic shorts and t-shirt (to dress out if student wishes to change)

· PE appropriate clothing (workout clothing) worn to school, that is school appropriate, if the student does not wish to change out for PE

· Water bottle

· Deodorant (NO body sprays – they can cause asthma attacks in other students)

· Lock for PE locker if student wishes to secure items in the locker while at PE

· Hand towel – to help dry off after vigorous exercise


Choir Supplies (only for students who are in Choir)

· One – 1” 3 ring binder

· Yellow Highlighter