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Need Internet?

Families needing assistance with WiFi can reach out to their child's school to checkout a WiFi hotspot.



There are also a few affordable options that families can consider for adding internet or WiFi in their homes. The district will continue to explore additional connectivity options for families and will share them as they become available. 


T-Mobile: Provides a hotspot for $10 per month with 2GB of data. This should be enough data if the student only uses the hotspot for school-related activities. After the 2GB limit is reached, their speed will be reduced to 128kbps.


Cox Connect2Compete: This option would be purchased by the home/parent. It is $10 per month. To participate in this option at this price, families will need to apply on their own from the website below.


Apply for Cox Connect2Compete

Cox Connect2Compete FAQs



Additionally, the following is a free WiFi map "Online Arizona" that uses existing data from the state land department and puts it into an easy to use and searchable format.




The city of Peoria recently purchased WiFi hotspots for students in need. Developed by the Peoria public libraries, this pilot program was funded in part by AZCares and provides free mobile hotspots to K-12 students in Peoria who do not have adequate Internet access. More than 200 hotspots with 50 gigabytes of high speed Internet on Sprint’s 4G LTE network were purchased and are available for students and their families to use. A parent or guardian can check out the device at the Peoria Main Library or Sunrise Mountain Library with an active library card. They will need their student’s school ID number and sign a Checkout Agreement Form. Each family can check out one hotspot for four weeks and renew it up to four times.