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ROARS winners for September

We are proud to announce our ROARS winners for September. These winners have shown and displayed Own Your Choices!! We do have a couple students receiving their award this month as they were absent last month! Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Our Winners are:


Isabel McCurrey, Xander Harmon, Brayden Brown, Anh Truong

1st Grade:

Brooklyn Jackson, Noah Hernandez, Celeste Hoover, Azalea Alanis-Mitchell

2nd Grade:

Celleste Robinson, Arianna Puente, Brody Brown.

David Cruz-August winner!

3rd Grade:

Sadie Akins, Jayden Lopez-Ortega, Mia Martinez

4th Grade:

Sophia Ruiz, Victoria Richmond, Jeremy Palmer

K-4 Sept ROARS winnersK-4 ROARS winners - Sept.

 5th Grade:

Miles Fleming, Aiyana Chenelle Motta, Grace Mitchel

6th Grade:

Jenna Pizano, Jillian Hall

7th Grade:

Matthew Dominguez, Dominic Thompson, Jetzibe Morales Demeza

Domiyla Lee - August winner!

8th Grade:

Sergio Mercado, Christopher Mott, Gio Tapia Ramirez

Jocelyn Hernandez Aguilar August winner!

5-8 ROARS Sept Winners