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What Does My Child Learn in a Year?

Peoria Unified has created One-Pagers that highlight what a student in elementary school will learn in a year by content area throughout one school year. The One-Pagers provide parents with resources to support their child depending on their grade-level.  
Included in each is a Support at Home section. This section highlights ways to integrate learning in everyday tasks. For example, third grade parents can have their child create grocery lists, determine meals, plan trips, make invitations, and read recipes. Additionally, the language of multiplication, division, and fractions can be part of daily dialogue. One example is, "We need to divide this recipe in half, how much..." 
Additionally, there are daily conversation starters that provide grade-level appropriate ways to discuss and recap a child’s learning. In third grade some of these conversation starters include the following: Do you think (math, reading, etc.) was hard or easy today; Share something new you know today that you didn't yesterday; What was your biggest thought today? 
You can view all of these one-pagers on our website.