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Board Adopts Resolution in Support of AEL Special Session

At the November 10 Board Meeting, the Governing Board voted and adopted a resolution in support of an AEL Special Session. The Aggregate Expenditure Limit is based off a formula that caps public school spending and was created more than 40 years ago when school districts were operating at a much smaller footprint, with a vastly different budget.

If the legislature does not call for an AEL Special Session, public schools across Arizona cannot spend their lawfully allocated budget. All K-12 public schools will need to cut millions of dollars by March 1. The impact to Peoria Unified would result in needing to cut more than $50 million in the last three months of the fiscal year that was already allocated by the state.

Download the resolution or read it below.





The Arizona Legislature passed, and Governor Ducey signed, the state's Fiscal Year 2023 budget, including appropriations for state aid to school districts. This budget causes Arizona's education spending for the fiscal year to exceed the aggregate expenditure limit for K-12 education contained in the Arizona Constitution (Art. 9, Sec. 21). This resolution urges the Legislature to act quickly to override the limit to avoid immediate harm to school districts because:

WHEREAS, the Peoria Unified School District has timely and responsibly prepared its FY2023 budget in accordance with Arizona Law, with the expectation that sufficient revenue will be available to fund its obligations.

WHEREAS, if the Constitutional Aggregate Expenditure Limit is not overridden, Peoria Unified School District stands to be forced to cut $51,377,097 from its budget on April 1, 2023.

WHEREAS, the vote to exceed the Constitutional Aggregate Expenditure Limit is necessary to allow school districts to expend money that has already been appropriated by the Legislature for the purpose of K-12 education.

WHEREAS, a cut of this magnitude will significantly harm student learning, teacher and staff retention, and community trust by causing large furloughs and other cuts prior to the end of the school year.

WHEREAS, the school district in our community is a source not only of learning, but also economic stability and development, and a cut of this magnitude will have an economic impact on all residents of our community.

WHERAS, it is within the Legislature's power under A.R.S. §15-944 to mitigate this looming fiscal crisis immediately by voting by a 2/3 majority to allow the expenditure of all appropriated funds in Fiscal Year 2023.

NOW THEREFORE, it is resolved that the school district governing board of the Peoria Unified School District, made up of locally elected and accountable school governing board members representing our community, does support the override of the Constitutional Aggregate Expenditure Limit for FY2023, and urge Governor Ducey to call the Legislature into a special session to approve an override before the end of the year.

Adopted by the governing board at a meeting held on November 10, 2022.