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Tax Credit Donations

Whether you are supporting field trips like Outdoor Education, athletics like jerseys or participation fees, arts education, Behind the Wheel, tutoring or you are just wanting to support a school with the greatest need, we appreciate your donation! What's better is you can get a dollar-for-dollar return on your state taxes.


This year, capital items have been added to the list of eligible tax credit purposes. These include furniture, furnishings, athletic equipment, computer software, pupil and non-pupil transportation vehicles and equipment, textbooks and other related printed materials adopted by the governing board, library books, instructional aids, payment of principal and interest on bonds and district administration emergency needs that are directly related to pupils. In addition to helping our students succeed, donors will receive a dollar-for dollar return during tax season making it easy to give back and get back. 


For more information on how to make a Tax Credit Donation, click here.