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Election Update

Yesterday, more than 53,000 registered voters cast their ballot in the election for the 2018 bond. The unofficial results show the bond failed by approximately 5,400 votes with a 55% majority voting “no” and 45% voting “yes.”  While you may be hearing that there are still more than 500,000 votes left to be counted across the state, we have been told by the county that all of our district’s precincts have reported.


You can view the unofficial results on the Maricopa County Recorder’s website or by clicking here. We will continue to update our community and our website with details on how this will impact our district as we move forward.


Although this is unfortunate news to share, it in no way impacts our unwavering commitment to our students. In the coming months, we will develop a plan to address some of our more pressing needs with the limited capital funds we receive and 2012 bond funding we have left. We will keep you apprised as to how we plan to navigate the year ahead.


In addition to the bond vote, we also had two open seats on our Governing Board. Congratulations to new Governing Board Member Mrs. Cory Underhill and returning Governing Board Member Mrs. Beverly Pingerelli who begin four-year terms on January 1, 2019. I want to thank the other candidates for their interest in serving our school district.  


I thank you for the support you provide our district and our students. I will keep you apprised of updates as they will surely have a significant impact throughout our district.





Linda Palles Thompson