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2019 Override Information

This November, voters will exercise their local budget control to determine if our district’s maintenance and operations override will pass.


If successful, this would sustain our current 13% override, which provides about $27 million for our district, and infuse approximately $4 million for our people and programs. The increase would be used to fund safety – like counselors and behavior specialists and also increase ALL staff compensation.


Our Current Override funds people and programs, such as:

  • All-Day Kindergarten for our Youngest Learners  
  • Arts Educations Programs Including Band and Chorus
  • Assistant Principals for Every School
  • Attraction and Retention of the Best Teachers and Staff Possible 
  • Athletic Programs
  • Extra/Co-curricular Activities 
  • Gifted Education
  • Maintain Class Sizes
  • Nurses/Health Services at Every School 
  • Physical Education Programs 
  • Reading Programs


This would give us a 15% budget override, which is in line with 33 other districts across Maricopa County. Deer Valley and Dysart will be joining us in an election this November by trying to renew their current 15% overrides.


Thanks to a supportive community, overrides are not new to us.  Our district has had override funding in place since 1996.


To help our community understand the tax impact of their support, we’ve created a calculator on our website. You can visit to put in your home’s assessed property valuation from your Maricopa County tax statement and determine what the override will mean for you. Note – the valuation found on your tax statement is different from the estimated value you’ll find on a home site, like Zillow or Redfin.


This is a MAIL IN ONLY election, meaning that you can’t go to the traditional polling place on election day to cast your vote. Your ballot will come in the mail and will need placed back in the mail so it makes it in time to be counted by Nov. 1.