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A Message from our Superintendent Regarding Current National Events

children walking holding hands



Current events, most recently, the tragic loss of Mr. George Floyd, have caused me to reflect on our efforts to educate students and to positively impact the greater communities of Peoria and Glendale.


It goes without question, yet needs to be said, that we stand in support of our black community, for that matter, all of our under-served and under-represented students, staff and community members. As educators and members of the Peoria Unified School District family, we continuously strive to demonstrate the values of integrity, collaboration, excellence and equity. We recognize the importance of inclusion of diverse ideas and beliefs in furthering the mission of public education.


This district is committed to giving all students and staff an opportunity to achieve greatness. We look forward to growing as listeners, engaging with you to solve problems and making the necessary improvements that lead all of us to future success. This is not the work of one leader, staff member, task force or community organization - it takes everybody. We cannot do it without you and we hope you will join us as we do our part to move this conversation forward in the coming year.


Right now, many of our staff and students may be experiencing pain from what we are seeing play out across the country. Please know that we are here and we are listening. You can reach us at 623-486-6000 and our students can always call our Student Support Line at 623-412-5262.