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Average Salary of Teachers in Peoria Unified


Average Teacher Salary in Peoria Unfied School District


FY2016/2017 Average Salary: $44,498.00


FY2017/2018 Average Salary: $45,556.00


Percentage Increase Between FY2018 and FY2017: 2.37%


FY2018/2019 Average Salary: $49,989.00


Percentage Increase Between FY2019 and FY2018: 9.73%


These average salary amounts include base salary, Classroom Site and Instructional Improvement for employees coded to function 1000 object 6112.



The proposed FY 2019 ratios for Special Education pupil-teacher ratios/pupil-staff ratios and estimated FTE certified employees are as follows:

  • Teacher-Pupil: 1 to 19


  • Staff Pupil: 1 to 9


  • Estimated Full-time Equivalent Certified Staff = 2,362


 For more detailed information on our budget, download the Peoria Unified Dollars in the Classroom FY 2017 report from the office of the Arizona Auditor General or visit the Budget section of our website