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Sunset Heights Student Wins National Wrestling Tournament

Sunset Heights student Carson Miles was set to travel to Colorado for the National Wrestling Finals right before the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He had a chance to win his fourth national tournament and a shot at the Nationals Rookie of the Year Award. Unfortunately, this tournament was cancelled and they sent everyone home with broken dreams.


However, Carson didn't let this bump in the road bother him one bit. In fact, he came home and trained harder with the resources he had available to him. He would get up at 6 a.m. every morning, run 5-7 miles around his neighborhood, strength train in the afternoon and train virtually with his coach on an iPad, using his brother Conner as a training partner in their garage in the evenings!


Four weeks ago, his family found out that the National Wrestling Finals had found a venue in Kansas City that would allow the tournament to commence. Following CDC guidance, Carson finally has his chance to prove himself. The arena was divided on 3 separate floors with 15 mats on each floor, separated by 10 feet. Attendance was limited and everyone had to wear masks the entire time, with the exception of the wrestlers only while wrestling. It was a site to see! Carson's family was able to watch the match via the sideline cameras that were streaming each match.


We, and his family, would like to introduce to you, the Rocky Mountain Nationals Wrestling Rookie of the Year - Carson Miles!


Carson is the first kid in the history of the National Wrestling Circuit, from ages 5-15 on the west coast, to win this award. His record at the national level was 39-0! This award usually goes to students from states like Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio and Oklahoma where wrestling is much more popular.


Carson's dad also noted that, "Carson lives by specific guidelines though. Family, School then Sports. Without the first two, the third doesn't happen! Sports are a reward not a privilege in our house!"