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Liberty Spirit Week Brings Students Together

By Liberty Newspaper Staff

Throughout the school year, students missed out on so many of the usual experiences that go along with being a high schooler: football games, assemblies, dances—the list goes on. As a result of careful mitigation, students had precious little time to make memories. That is what made the Winter Spirit Week such a breath of fresh air.


In early March, Student Council brought some semblance of normalcy back to campus with a Spirit Week intended to celebrate the end of Winter Sports. Spirit Weeks typically entail dressing up in some thematic way. In past years, weeks have used board games or music genres for inspiration. This time, things got a little unconventional as the themes for the dress-up days were derived from water bottles. Dubbed “Water Week,” each day was based on a different brand of water. Monday was based on Propel, which entailed dressing up in sports gear. Tuesday was Fiji, enticing more tropical fits. Wednesday was Arrowhead Water, calling students to dress for adventure. Thursday was based on Smartwater—a chance to bust out some of clothes that showcased students’ inner nerd. Lastly, Friday was Glacier Water, pulling more from the namesake and asking students to dress in all white.


Students will usually scour their closets or hit up Goodwill for spirit weeks to find fun clothing and props to match the dress-up days. Throughout the week, planned activities provide the students a chance to break out of their usual routines. From lawn games to dunk tanks, Student Council provided the students a bevy of options to make up for some of those missing memories.


While nothing can replace the feeling of cheering for your team in packed stands, the feeling was somewhat replicated in the year of coronavirus. Students cheered for the basketball team from the parking lot in a drive-in style showing off the game.


The week ended with a storming of the halls and a virtual assembly. While it was not a traditional experience by any means, it was still a nice break from the monotony of the mid-semester grind in March. As things fast-track toward the finality of prom and graduation, one last community event like Water Week was precisely what some students needed to forge ahead for the final stretch.