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Register for Summer Learning by May 11th

2021 Summer


This summer, Centennial High School will offer students opportunities to improve their core class grades, re-learn essential skills they may have missed as a result of COVID closures, and stay on-track to graduate. The Summer Achievement Academy is available to Centennial students free of charge. Our district will provide breakfast and lunch, as well as transportation, for current bus riders only. Parents may sign their Coyote up for one or two courses, but parents who choose only one course will need to provide transportation since buses will only run prior to the 7:20am start and after the 10:20am dismissal. 


Students who register must commit  to attend every day of the May 24 – July 1st timeframe. 90% daily attendance is required for students to receive credit. Students who miss more than 2 of the 23 school days may be dropped from the classes the choose. 


Registration forms are due to counselors by Tuesday, May 11th. Click here to find contact information for our counselors.


Freshmen and Sophomores: Click Here for Registration

Freshmen and sophomores who have attempted a core 9th or 10th grade course and earned a C, D, or F may seek grade improvement. Teachers may deliver instruction in a blended model, combining face-to-face instruction with digital content tools. Students will complete pretests to help the teacher determine which essential skills each student needs to develop, and students will earn grades based on coursework, assessments, and any additional whole class/small group activities the teacher assigns.  At the end of the shortened course, students will complete the district course assessment, which will account for 20% of their final grade. Final grades will post in the summer term, and students’ previous lower grades will no longer calculate into their grade point averages.


Juniors and Seniors Credit Recovery: Click Here for Registration

Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to recover credits and stay on-track for graduation via Edgenuity, our school’s credit recovery program. Students will work on campus during the 7:20-10:20am timeframe and should expect to work a minimum of 4-5 hours total per course, per day, on Mondays-Thursdays.  Teachers will be available for daily support on-campus, but students must log more home time to complete the credit recovery course by July 1st.  Students who complete 100% of the online course and pass the course with a final grade of at least a 60% will have their previous course grade changed from an F to a D.